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We often look for different ways to improve our sex life, while maintaining constant security. There is a wide range of condoms that provide a different sensation of the textures in the material, and many condoms also come with additional grease to offer the user and your partner a more comfortable and pleasant feeling. Many of the people who want to add more sensations to their sex life with their partner often turn to lubricants that offer a more sensual experience and also give you a more comfortable feeling. They can be used for both external pleasure and during sexual intercourse, but when using the lubricant during sexual intercourse, first make sure it is compatible with the type of material the condom is made of. The market offers a wide range of lubricants, each of which gives you a different feeling, depending on how you want to improve your sexual experience.

Many use water-based lubricants more often, since they are soluble in water, which means that they are absorbed into the skin, leaving less clutter and no feeling of grease or stickiness that other types of lubricants can produce. However, due to this, they often require frequent use to keep the lubricant level at a preferred level. They are a popular option because they are made with different tastes and tastes that can make oral sex more enjoyable for both couples, as well as eliminate the natural smell / taste of condoms. Thanks to its water-based formula, you can also use them when you engage in sexual intercourse associated with water when dispersed in wa3ter.

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Oil-based lubricants have proven popular because they last longer during intercourse, which means that fewer and fewer applications are needed. They are also made with a variety of flavors, but since they can break down latex products, such as condoms and diaphragms, which can cause STIs or pregnancy, it is imperative that they be used only with compatible contraceptive methods. They can also cause irritation in some people, so if any reaction is found, stop using the product immediately. It has been found that some types of oil-based lubricants help reduce the amount of common bacteria and yeasts that can be found in the vagina, making it a good option for women suffering from frequent vaginal bacterial infections and you can shop online for edible flavoured lubes.


Silicone-based lubricants are more exclusive than water-based or oil-based lubricants because they are not absorbed into the skin and, on the other hand, remain on the surface for long-term sliding. For this reason, they are the best lubricant to use when looking for a lasting and lasting sensation, but due to the lubrication formula, they are not safe to use with some sex toys, as they can break down the material or leave sticky marks. On the surface the same can be said when using this type of lubricant with condoms.